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Pip-Squeak Chapeau Etc.

Handmade in Brooklyn NY USA


"... with no age or size restrictions, these clothes are less about fashion and more about the way one feels in life... 

using only 100% natural yarns and fabrics, such as linen, cotton, hemp, wool, silk, alpaca and mohair,  this collection is hand made by men and women who live and work in brooklyn, new york."



Pipsqueak Chapeau is less concerned with fashion, and more concerned with they way in which one’s clothing makes them feel, their designs happen to be unique and beautiful as well. Unique shapes and draping inspire comfort, livability, and playfulness. Pipsqueak Chapeau is made entirely in Brooklyn, a choice they feel helps strengthen their local community and protects the environment as much as possible. Pipsqueak Chapeau is committed to using all natural materials, and creates their clothing with no size or age restrictions. Pipsqueak Chapeau stresses the importance of clothing being a universal expression of ourselves.