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Founded in 2013 by Dan Snyder, Corridor is a design studio and manufacturing company that melds Northeastern prep with New York City’s modern sensibility. 

We strive to create clothing that is tasteful yet interesting, while still being accessible. Our focus is to offer the best value using the finest materials, and the garments reflect our core principles: fit, quality and character. 

We make New American Sportswear, and we hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoy making it. 


Corridor sources the highest quality textiles from all over the globe, and only partner with certified, specialized factories for production. We determine who can make the best product in the most responsible manner. Their headwear, workwear, and suiting are all manufactured in the U.S., and we partner internationally with workshops in Italy, India, Portugal, Peru, and Honduras. They believe that each and every one of them is the absolute best at what they do.

- An excerpt of Corridor NYC.