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Hansel from Basel Valerie Tulle Sheer Crew


Alex Crane

Alex Crane makes breezy clothes because we all do our best when we feel light. We choose fabrics, colors and fits that make us feel playful and sharp. That's why we love linen.


Breeze is a spirit. You don't necessarily have to dance and sing (although those are great options) - but it's good to remember that life is worth enjoying, even when it’s sad or painful or boring. And, for better or worse, clothes have a big impact on how we feel. 


We manufacture with cool, hardworking people in the U.S.A and scout materials from all around the world. We have a secret shop at our loft in Brooklyn - write us to schedule a time to stop by. 



Are Studio Camber Bag Camel

Are Studio

Are Studio is centered in Los Angeles, creating minimalistic yet unique leather bags and accessories. Are Studio strives to create each bag as a ‘clean slate’ for the wearer, taking on the personality and style of the wearer. Each bag is handmade in LA, with hides sourced from local family owned businesses. Are is focused on minimalism throughout their process, and they strive to produce as little waste as possible throughout the design and production process. Each hide is unique, making each bag one of kind.  Through radical simplicity and minimalism, Are studio creates individualism.


the finest denim we've ever owned made in South Carolina
Brookes Boswell Bronze Hare Fur - Felt Hat

Brookes Bosewell

Brookes Boswell began her renowned hat line in 2012, combining old world millinery techniques with new and classic hat designs. Boswell uses only the finest straw, wool, and fur available, adding to the craftsmanship and quality of the hat. Boswell’s background in architecture, fine art, and textiles gives the designs their unique shape and impeccable attention to detail. Each hat is hand blocked and made to order in the US. Boswell is bringing back the everyday luxury of a beautiful, well made hat, something we should all enjoy.

Carla Colour Modan Sunglasses Aurora+Dust

Carla Colour

sunnies handmade in Italy for all
T-Lab Hand Carved Animal

childrens + baby

Corridor, Blue Linen Stripe, SS

Corridor NYC

Founded in 2013 by Dan Snyder, Corridor is a design studio and manufacturing company that melds Northeastern prep with New York City’s modern sensibility. 

We strive to create clothing that is tasteful yet interesting, while still being accessible. Our focus is to offer the best value using the finest materials, and the garments reflect our core principles: fit, quality and character. 

We make New American Sportswear, and we hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoy making it. 


Corridor sources the highest quality textiles from all over the globe, and only partner with certified, specialized factories for production. We determine who can make the best product in the most responsible manner. Their headwear, workwear, and suiting are all manufactured in the U.S., and we partner internationally with workshops in Italy, India, Portugal, Peru, and Honduras. They believe that each and every one of them is the absolute best at what they do.

- An excerpt of Corridor NYC.

Cyril Corona Hoops

Cyril Studio

handmade in NYC
Elsa Esaturgie Air Top

Elsa Esturgie

A designer from Paris with an attention to the smallest, most delicate yet utilitarian details. Airy and effortless pieces make layering and wardrobe sophistication easy.


Elsa Esturgie is our favorite souvenir from Paris; the epitome of Parisian minimalism. She uses simple designs to create unique statements of style. She enhances the simple beauty of her garments by using high quality natural materials such as silk, cotton, and wool and designing in colors that are natural and evoke a sense of calm. All garments are lovingly made in France from organic and recycled materials whenever possible. Elsa Esturgie allows us to explore the organic beauty of simplicity, the most beautiful garments yet minimally detailed. Each detail she does include is perfectly executed, creating a strong statement of style without overpowering.  



Our favorite shoe hand sewn by Artisans.
Fiele Fragrance

Fiele Fragrance

hand blended in Los Angeles California, these unisex scents are a shop favorite.
Cul de Sac Japan- Hiba Wood Closet Bags


Hackwith Design

Hackwith Design

Based and made in MN USA
Hansel from Basel Valerie Tulle Sheer Crew

Hansel From Basel

LA based whimsical everyday socks and garments with a little flare.
luxury lip tint intrigue

Henné Organics

Longtime favorite lip tints and moisturizers with organic ingredients.

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Ilana Kohn Mallin Pants

Ilana Kohn

Ilana Kohn is a New York based label creating vintage reminiscent garments with modern tweaks. Her silhouettes are free and versatile, allowing the wearer to transpose the pieces easily into their daily lives. Ilana Kohn began as an illustrator, carrying her knack for clean lines and bold statements into clothing design. Her collections feature neutral earth tones with intentional pops of bold colors in durable natural fibers. Unique yet wearable additions to any wardrobe.

Made and designed in NY USA

Jacqueline Rose

Jacqueline Rose

Designed and made in Los Angeles CA


designed and made in SF USA
Kaico Enamel Pasta Pot, 5.7 Liter


the finest from Japan for your kitchen adornment
Lauren Manoogian

Lauren Manoogian

Luxury knitwear ethically sourced.

Lauren Manoogian is a Brooklyn based designer, focusing on perfecting everyday essentials that evolve with you through life’s different stages. Lauren Manoogian is heavily focused on texture, perfecting the feel of the garment to the wearers greatest comfort, giving the designs an incredible coziness while maintaining structural beauty. She designs in neutral and calm colors, enhancing natural earth tones with dramatic and often oversized shapes. Focused on natural materials, sustainability, and ethical manufacturing, Lauren Manoogian is perfecting the ideal everyday essential.

Maria Stanley Olivia Blouse Botanical

Maria Stanley

Ethically and mindfully made in India and USA by the LA based designer Maria Stanley. The designer presents a powerful integration of feminine and masculine sensibilities with silhouettes that flatter. Featuring buttery soft textiles, feminine styling in edwardian-style blouses and dresses, iconic high-waisted trousers and swinging blazers. Easy, timeless dressing.
Martiniano Shoes

Martiniano Shoes

Handmade in Argentina

Martiniano shoes are perfect understated elegance. Each pair is hand made in Buenos Aires, a town well known for immaculately crafted footwear. Inspired by 17th century court shoes, Martiniano uses his background in performance art to effortlessly meld fashion, function, and art into each shoe. Martiniano shoes are crafted in kid leather, a material often used for gloves, hence the name ‘glove shoe’ and the wonderful form fit of the shoe. We love these shoes because they evoke a feeling of easy and effortless elegance. They are the perfect non fussy shoe for looking polished.

Corridor New York  Oxford Blue Shirt


Micaela Greg Knotted Sailor Pant

Micaela Greg

Micaela Greg is a California based label, focusing on visually pleasing, timeless, quality, and made to last garments. The line is designed by sisters Marie and Karen Protesta, in Alameda. Ethical production and support of local artisans is a main ideal for the brand, and most garments are made in the US, while the remaining are produced in Fair Trade factories in Peru, where they can work closely with local seamstresses and artisans, and support the local fiber industries of Peru. Micaela Greg purchases the Alpaca used in their knitwear from local peruvian farms and vendors, further supporting the local community and economy. Micaela Greg is the perfect label for high quality basics with a design twist, perfect for those who wear their clothes into the ground, but still want to look polished.

Na Nin Mujer Fuerte 9oz Candle

Na Nin

Na Nin Studio centers their brand around the past, beginning first with curated collections of vintage garments, and later moving on to fragrance. Na Nin scents are inspired by music, memories, and nostalgia, each scent delivering the wearer to a different era. Na Nin has expanded their fragrance to include perfumes, candles, home fragrances, beauty, and apothecary. Each product is hand made in Richmond Virginia, using only the finest materials and complementary packaging. Nanin scents are a lovely everyday ritual.  
Tanner Goods Matte Tigers Eye Bracelet


Notary Ceramics Small Candlestick

Notary Ceramics

handmade in Portland Oregon.
T-Lab Hand Carved Animal

objects + home

paper goods

Pip-Squeak Chapeau Etc. Boy Shirt, Black Wool Gauze

Pip-Squeak Chapeau Etc.

Handmade in Brooklyn NY USA


"... with no age or size restrictions, these clothes are less about fashion and more about the way one feels in life... 

using only 100% natural yarns and fabrics, such as linen, cotton, hemp, wool, silk, alpaca and mohair,  this collection is hand made by men and women who live and work in brooklyn, new york."



Pipsqueak Chapeau is less concerned with fashion, and more concerned with they way in which one’s clothing makes them feel, their designs happen to be unique and beautiful as well. Unique shapes and draping inspire comfort, livability, and playfulness. Pipsqueak Chapeau is made entirely in Brooklyn, a choice they feel helps strengthen their local community and protects the environment as much as possible. Pipsqueak Chapeau is committed to using all natural materials, and creates their clothing with no size or age restrictions. Pipsqueak Chapeau stresses the importance of clothing being a universal expression of ourselves.

Corridor Winter Jacket Navy M65


Sugar Candy Mountain, Angela Jumpsuit- Rose

Sugar Candy Mountain

Sugar Candy Mountain is an environmental and socially conscious company. 
"We make every effort we can to leave as small a footprint as possible on the environment. This includes using techniques such as french seams and all natural materials that guarantee the long life of a garment so that it never needs to be discarded. When shipping, we wrap our garments in recycled paper rather than the unlimited number of non-reusable plastic bags that are the industry standard. Our designs are timeless, so they can be worn and re-accessorized as styles and trends come and go."
Ula Botanic

Ula Botanic

Sugar Candy Mountain, Angela Jumpsuit- Rose