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Soap and Gratitude

Soap and Gratitude

Cleanliness is a duty of one's self for the sake of health, in the these times of heightened awareness around sanitized hands and surfaces, I can’t imagine a world without soap.  It is a simple staple in my household, a simple daily practice.  A bit of clean water and a bar of soap can bring a sense of relief and comfort! 

I have to say, I’ve always been a big fan of soap!  No, I’m not kidding.  My wife will tell you.  I’ll stop in any boutique or grocery store and smell all the soaps.  I feel the paper it’s wrapped in, look at the typography on the label and if it’s just a bar in a bin, I’ll pick up the bar and feel the waxiness, flip it around and look at all the details one would normally overlook.  I look at the way it’s cut or molded, the brand stamp impressions.  I can go on.  It’s a friggin’ bar of soap, yes, but there’s more to it! 

The ingredients, the company values, the way it’s made, and at a macrocosmic level, who made it! These are some of the things I take into consideration when buying a bar of soap.

I personally find that it’s a true joy when I’m taking a new soap bar home.  I find joy in the lather on my favorite scrubber. It’s a tactile and olfactory sense of cleanliness.  I don’t ever take it for granted.  I say it’s a joy, but what I really mean is that I find the experience just simple and straight forward.  I’m into simplicity and everyday rituals, after all.  Soap on a rope; come on, how's that not genius and practical?! 

More than ever, I’m just happy to have a clean space to call home, to have peace of mind knowing that I can keep my home, hands and body clean.  To me, soap is a privilege and a treat. So, this morning when I showered and the previous mornings leading to today, I’ve been extra grateful to have a “simple” bar of soap, and in this everyday practice of awareness, I’m grateful for everything I have and that follows me throughout my day. 

My health and cleanliness, thats’s something I actually have control over.

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Have you ever felt sensitive to the items you choose to have around you? Have you ever felt the weight or warmth of something comforting and held onto that feeling? We choose carefully what we place in our environment and what we offer to you. Lets take time to acknowledge and appreciate a few good things and how we interact with them in our environments. Continue reading
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