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soap of your dreams

soap of your dreams
staying in? hanging around? organizing? do it well, do it with care, do it with a few good things. pictured here is our favorite soap ever in the history of soap. beautiful packaging and soothing scents. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. make washing up a breeze. made in the USA
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Holiday Guide for Gifting and Hosting

Whatever your holidays looks like, we have some brilliant items to make the season bright. Find each item in our brick and mortar stores or use the links next to each product to take you to our site.  

For the Kitchen Maven

Hasami Sugar pot w/ lid $35, and Creamer $40. 

The act of doctoring up coffee and tea is one of our greatest comforts. Always sleek and handsome, you can purchase these sweet pieces as a set or individually. Comes in gloss gray, matte black, and natural clay. Stackable. Keep the ritual alive for friends and family. Find in our Barlow location or at our online store.

Sugar Pot here

Creamer here


Kaico Enamel Tea Pot $160

Impress guests in your dining room with this gorgeous tea pot or gift this simple necessity to your favorite tea lover. Create a moment of relaxation for the ones you love. What gift could be better? Find in our Barlow location or at our online store, here.



Libco Linen Apron $190

We love when someone gifts us the items that help us create. Inspire your favorite baker by wrapping them in the comfort and sturdiness of high quality Belgian linen, then reap a lifetime of fresh baked cookies. Find in our Barlow location or online, here.

For the Ever-Nester

Hillery Sproat Blankets, price starting at $88

Made of recycled cotton, these hefty blankets offer warmth and style. Each blanket replicates an original painting by artist, Hillery Sproat. Unique, artistic, functional, machine washable. What’s not to love? Find a wide selection of prints at our Healdsburg store and at our Barlow location.


Na Nin Candles, starting at $20

The easiest way to freshen up a space for the holidays, these affordable candles come in a variety of fragrant aromas that uplift the hearth and home. Find the perfect scent at our Healdsburg store or at our Barlow location.


Na Nin Frankincense and Lavender Handsoap $18

The relaxing scent of lavender and frankincense linger on hands long after washing. A lovely treat for holiday guests, or secret aroma therapy for the host, this Na Nin handsoap has you covered. Find at our Barlow location or online, here.



Nightspace Candles $65

Ever love a scent so much, you wished it’d last forever? These large candles burn for hours upon hours and smell delightfully fresh. Always cruelty free and made of soy and coconut wax. Find these at our Barlow location. 


Sin Taper Holder, starting at $42

All made by hand in tones of earth, each candle holder is special and unique. A useful sculpture that can be easily moved when the mood strikes to rearrange the living room. Find these in our Healdsburg store, at our Barlow location and online, here

For the Cozy-Upper

Tsuyumi Baby Alpaca Beanie $132

The gift of warmth and softness is as timeless as this cozy hat. Adorn the crown with this impossibly soft and lightweight beanie, whose fibers will remain fluffy forever. Find it at our Barlow location. 


Tsuyumi Cashmere Stole $345

It’s cashmere! Give the gift of ultimate luxury to your dearest. Heck, we recommend gifting it to yourself, too! Find it at our Barlow location.


Wol Hide Alpaca Socks $78

We live our lives on our feet. Show them some love with these socks. Alpaca is known for its warmth, lightness of weight, silkiness and its quality of being hypoallergenic. Treat your feet to luxury. Find them at our Barlow location. 


Evam Eva Cashmere and Cotton Leggings $175

What could be cozier than soft leggings. They’re the ideal piece to dress up or down; you could live in them all winter! Gift the loves in your life a new favorite garment. Find them at our Barlow location.




Domi Pajama Set $195

No list of coziness would be complete without 100% cotton pajamas. Available in three colors, we love the drawstring waist, breathable fabric, and functioning pockets. A longstanding holiday favorite, watch out wrapping paper, have pajamas, will tear.

For the Utilitarian

Higonokami Folding Knife, starting at $45

A pocket knife with a rich Japanese history, these steel blades are the perfect gift for the lover of beauty, culture, and usefulness. Find in our Healdsburg store and at our Barlow location.


The Horse Wrist Watch $129

Classic and minimal, these watches were designed to suit every style. One could even say they are “timeless.” A fantastic piece at an excellent price point, perfect for the utilitarian in all of us. See all our options in our Healdsburg store and at our Barlow location.


Tanner Goods Dopp Kit in Waxed Canvas $85

Most often the holidays demands a certain amount of travel. Treat your practical pals with a quality dopp kit they can keep their essentials in. Long enough for a tooth brush, spacious enough to accommodate any care routine, confined enough to throw into a weekend bag. Find at our Barlow location.



Joshu + Vela Billfold $88

This slim, hand stitched leather billfold is sleek and low profile, and only meant to hold the essentials. Your mates will thank you for sitting flatter in their seat. Available in black, tan, and natural. Find it at our Barlow location. 

For the Sparkle in Your Life

Cyril Studios Jewelry, starting at $200

These stunning pieces reflect the pure beauty of the one you love. Using mother of pearl, crystal quartz, and precious metals, these designs will make anyone light up with joy! Find in our Healdsburg store, at our Barlow location, or online, here



Keane Jewelry, starting at $100

Hand blown glass and gold vermeil make these pieces special. For the gal with a flair for vintage style, these affordable baubles are sure to kick her heels up. Find out our Barlow location or here at our online store. 

Classic Stocking Stuffers


Hiba Wood Bath Salt $13

Nothing is more restorative than a good soak in these salts infused with ancient Hiba Wood essential oils. Find at our Barlow location and online, here.



Hibi 10 Minutes Aroma Matches $12

Fresh and herbal incense sticks you can strike like matches! Portable and they come with their own burn dish. Just light, set and enjoy the aroma. Find the right scent in our Healdsburg store and at our Barlow location.



Ula Protectress Mist $26

Developed on Orcas Island, Washington, this spray wraps you in therapeutic coriander and vetiver. Set an intention, spray, and feel protected throughout your day. Find at our Barlow location or online, here.



Saikai Toki Spinning Wooden Top $10

These gorgeous, carved tops are fun to spin and display. A sweet window into childhood and yesteryear. Gift the reminder to play. Find in our Barlow store.



 Tlab Pole Pole Hand Carved Animals $16

These little pets are lovingly made from start to finish in Indonesia. Hand carved, smoothed, painted and loved. These light-as-air little animals make fantastic buddies for tiny hands. Find in our Healdsburg store, at our Barlow location, and online, here.



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Spotlight on designer: Sugar Candy Mountain

Spotlight on designer: Sugar Candy Mountain

Friday, August 23. 

If America had traditional folk dress, Sugar Candy Mountain would lead the aesthetic. Lovely, and layered, useful and dutiful, the clothing that comes out of the the Sugar Candy Mountain kitchen is designed with versatile women in mind. Founder and designer, Bianca Branaman is inspired by reworked vintage clothing, keeping the construction, and modernizing the fit. In Branaman’s words she wanted to design  “something that could be worn from the beach to dinner.” Sugar Candy Mountain isn’t your mama’s brand, but she’d sure be proud to wear it. 

Led by a woman. Bianca Branaman began sewing clothes as a creative outlet. She was a counselor in need of an a way to vent. Her process of healing includes introducing strong women through her “journal” page on the Sugar Candy Mountain site, giving recognition to the way that these women shaped the world and Branaman’s mission. In her time as a designer, Branaman had heard a lot of “no,” but she urges other designers to “just find the people who will say yes. There’s always room for good!”

Not over designed, nor under designed. Branaman has mastered the art of the balanced  design. Each garment is a narrator of a rich story. A blended conception of a decorated past and an elegant future, scrumptious color born from the earth, and fabrics you could equally sleep and play in, are the key elements of this brand. 

Kind to all. Sugar Candy Mountain strives to keep a small ecological footprint. Branaman’s personal values inform how she runs her company. Selecting linen and cotton as sturdy fabrics and using details like hardy french seams to construct a timeless garment that can be worn through the changing of trends, and all help to elongate the life of the piece. As an added bonus, Sugar Candy Mountain never ships using plastics, so you can feel good about your experience from start to finish.


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Item: Rogue Territory Supply Jacket in Tan Waxed Canvas

There are many reasons we make Rogue Territory one of our core designers, and this jacket is one of them. Rogue Territory hails from LA, and began as a bespoke denim designer. Now part of the ready-to-wear industry, they focus on craftsmanship, taking care to support collaboration between artists. 

With an eye on form and function, the Rogue Territory Supply Jacket has an unpretentious and timeless design that looks effortless with any style, on any body. The jacket is offered in several fabrics and colors, but it’s the tan, waxed canvas version that has us swooning. With a chic, lean design, it can be worn solo or with a sweater for those colder months.

Waxed canvas has a long and utilitarian history in the world. Developed by early Scottish sailors to waterproof their sails, they quickly borrowed the technique for their own canvas clothing, making them water resistant, durable and soft. While originally coated in linseed oil, waxed canvas is now made by waxing cotton thread before it is woven into a fabric so it can be fully waterproof.

 Rogue Territory goes the extra mile in design and construction with special features like:

  • Comfortable side entry “handwarmer” pockets
  • A deep welt exterior pocket at the chest
  • An interior breast pocket 
  • 6 reinforced buttonholes. The middle of which is a tender nod to your grandfather’s pocket watch
  • Super tough Flat Felled seams are used to fit this jacket together for longevity

The beauty of waxed canvas is that it ages with dignity, deepening in color, molding to your form, stretching up to half an inch in the shoulders and chest, and developing creases that are as unique as the ones in your palm. Each piece is built to last, and as with all great things, a little occasional care will keep this piece handsome forever. We recommend that you have the jacket rewaxed from time to time, to keep it water resistant. You can do it easily by hand, or have the experts handle the task. You wont be sorry.

We love this jacket and we know you will too.

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Our latest shoot

Our latest shoot

We recently shot a few pieces from our fall shipment out in the countryside of Sebastopol and we were struck by the quiet beauty of the terrain. The sun was hot and the wind was still, but we felt so thrilled to capture the beauty of these garments. A few pieces that struck us were sugar candy mountain and Lauren Manoogian. We also reflected how many incredible season-less pieces we have on sale now in the shop and online. We felt a sense of joy and pride photographing these pieces and reflected on why we built this company and what it means to own a few good things.




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The end of summer

The end of summer

As we approach August, we begin to receive the first signs of our fall shipments. I gasp as we open the packaging of luxurious textiles and fabrics from Lauren Manoogian for I am in this strange limbo of being gravely upset summer's end is approaching, but filled with excitement and anticipation as we approach Fall. This is by far my favorite season of receiving shipments of incredible pieces that we choose months and months prior to presenting to the shop. I am so pleased to announce a few phenomenal fall pieces have arrived, come by to grab your size.




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